Fisherman pants for Pyjamas and Yoga

Why Buy Thai Fisherman Pants?

Modern Thai Fisherman pants are extensively worn as pyjamas or for doing Yoga. In Thailand, women mostly wear fisherman pants. Not only do they wear it around the house but also at temple events.

They buy high-end fabrics, customise them and wear them for dinner parties, shopping, social events etc.

 In other parts of the world, especially in the USA, men wear fisherman pants for yoga or while performing martial arts. Nevertheless, people from around the world love this “knock around” wear.

They also come in different fabrics like silk, linen or hemp. Be careful when you wash the silk and linen ones as excessive washing can make them shrink. The cotton pants will last for years no matter how many times you wash them.

The traditional Thai pants came in black or blue. Nowadays, Thai Fisherman Pants come in various beautiful colors in full or capri length. You’ll find different fisherman pants with artistic and professional designs with more emphasis on detail.



Thai Fisherman Pants are the ultimate multipurpose pants for both comfort and free movement. They are flexible, quick-drying, light and airy, and very reasonably priced. Don’t go for ill-fitted clothing when you can have an enjoyable and affordable everyday style.