What Are Thai Fisherman Pants and Are They Comfortable?

Due to their comfort, lightness and versatility, Thai Fisherman pants were previously worn by the Thai fishermen, and hence the name. Generally, these pants incorporate streaked cotton and primarily feature pockets on the right leg. Typically, these pants are famous for being easily adaptable to different body types and shapes thanks to their lose folded fabric and drawstring waist. It is essential to note that the pants do not use elastic string. Instead, they are folded, wrapped and tied every time you put them on, for the best fit.


The outfit is perfect for pregnant women as they can fold and tie it to suit the changing body forms. Moreover, it is correspondingly ideal for meditation, massage, or just ordinary wear. Additionally, these lightweight and unisex pants are popular as beach or casual wear. If you are a martial art or yoga specialist and need that freedom as you exercise, these pants are inevitable. Are you still confused about this attire? Well, read on to find out more about their uniqueness!

What are Thai Fisherman Pants?

Thai yoga pants

Customarily designed for and worn by Thai fishermen due to their rapid drying capability and giving them the freedom of movement, Thai pants are now fashionable amongst other individuals like martial arts and yoga experts. In fact, these pants are regularly worn as casual pants due to their exceptional comfort. Above and beyond, people refer the Thai pants as yoga pants or wrap pants because you wrap them around your waist and then tie the cords to form a belt. The excess material that forms after wrapping the pants can be folded over the knot.

How to Wear Thai Pants?

Thai wrap pants

Since they’re unisex, Thai fishermen pants aren’t necessarily worn by Thai fishermen. The fact that they’re comfy and integrates lightweight material, most people prefer using them nowadays, particularly pregnant women. Below are the steps to follow when putting on these pants.

#1 Do not be surprised by the oversized waistline; just put on the pants. Hold the pants up to make sure that the pant legs are at the perfect length.

#2 Lightly hold one side of the pant in the middle and tightly pull it from the other end.

#3 Fold in the right side as you move towards the centre, making sure that you’re creating an angled crease alongside your leg’s length.

#4 Centrally hold the first fold and then pull on the other side.

#5 Centrally fold it such that you create an angled crease on the other leg’s length.

#6 Use your hand to hold the centre and look for the strings using the other hand.

#7 Pull strings across your body and use the same arm to hold the centred folds and string.

#8 Use the free hand to look for the second string.

#9 Pull the string all through to the other side to make it meet the first string.

#10 Snugly tie the strings on one side.

Are the Pants Designed for Men or Women?

Thai fisherman pants

These pants are made to be worn by both men and women (and kids). However, more women than men wear them in Thailand. Beside Thai women donning the fish pants for the domestic market, they also put them for many occasions such as shopping, dinner with friends, or even for Buddhist temple events. In other parts of the world, however, it seems that more men than women wear these pants and they often acquire them as yoga, martial arts, or exercise wear. In European countries and the US, be it, men or women, these fisherman pants are regarded as ‘knock-around’ outfits.

Are They Comfortable?

Thai fisherman pants

Yes, they are incredibly comfortable. Sports such as yoga and martial arts involves pushing your body to the limits, and that is why you need to be as comfortable as possible if you’re trying these stunts. Here is why these pants are comfortable.

  • Adjustable for a personalised fit
  • Incorporates lightweight, incredibly soft, and high-quality cotton fabric material
  • It has a breathable fabric material to allow you to perform stunts in the best way possible smoothly

Final Words

Thai wrap pants

In conclusion, the fishermen pants are impressively simple pieces of equipment. The things you need to consider when purchasing one include craftsmanship, quality of the used material, and that the pants are incredibly lightweight to allow you to run, jump, and move freely. If you want to know about them please leave us a message and make sure you visit our store to check out our fantastic Thai fisherman Pants!